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This is a furniture test áé
Hadeed Group LLc
Importer & exporter
C2Engineer. Inc.
C2Engineer provides a broad range of Information Technology (IT) Engineering services to the Government and Private Sector world-wide. We take pride in having the experience, dedication and resources necessary to offer our clients an array of Engineering services. The level of expertise at C2Engineer is rarely found in a company of our size which allows us to offer unmatched customer service. Our Customer is our main concern.
Hotel El Torogoz
Hotel El Torogoz es muy conocido en la zona, pues su fundadora fue la pionera en el área. Hoy existen varias casas de huéspedes alrededor y que se encuentran en el Anillo del Barrio. El Torogoz ha ido adaptandose a las necesidades de sus huéspedes, por lo que en el año 2002 amplia sus instalaciones e inicia una nueva etapa de remodelaciones y mejoras. El concepto de Hotel El Torogoz es atender a extranjeros y nacionales que vienen a realizar negocios y proyectos o que vienen al país a conocer la realidad económica y social, para ofrecerles un hogar fuera de casa.
Hotel Unica Vista
Hotel en una zona para Acampar y zona de fogata
Lola Cion's Inc.
Our tasty sauces such as : Garlic, Peanut, Mandarin Orange and Chili are perfect for barbequed meat on a stick or meat kebabs, such as pork, beef and chicken wings marinated with Lola Cion’s BBQ marinade is loved by everybody. We were committed and wished to share our products with our customers.
Shauna's Arts
Creating jewelry from rare jem stones
Sandra's Sweets
Purolea Advanced Cosmetic Solutions
Linens Imports
Linens test
HiFiKids Corporationm
KLIQ is cloud based student response system that supports knowledge and information sharing amongst parents, teachers, students and schools on an interactive digital platform. This product supports quizzing and responses are collected via multiple mediums like clickers, PCs, smart phones, Tablets and so on. Quiz also work in offline mode using clickers so that schools where internet is not stable can use our system for quizzing to prepare for any exams or learn via feedback mechanism. Based on the quiz results, individuals are suggested videos or materials to reinforce learning. It automates all the manual processes of distributing papers, collecting papers, checking papers and so on saving lot of time for the teachers and be more effective in paying attention individually based on the data collected from the quiz.
Caribbean Trade Group
Import Export services and goods, trade, area expert coaching
AE intermedição comercial
AE commercial intermediary acts in providing advisory services in the business shere, assisting its clients in commercial trasaction (export/import)