The Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y MIPYMES (MICM) developed an initiative to implement the U.S. SBDC model in the Dominican Republic in 2013. In collaboration with UTSA, the ultimate goal aimed to unify efforts from the public, private, and academic sectors to support the productivity and competitiveness of SMEs.

  • In September 2014, the MICM began its Request for Proposal process to award funding to the best-qualified organizations that would successfully operate the country’s first SBDCs.
  • In November 2014, the Comisión Nacional de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa (CONAMYPE) from El Salvador began a transfer of the Salvadorian SBDC model to the Dominican Republic.
  • By March 2015, universities hosted the first six SBDCs known as Centros MIPYMES.
  • In 2017, universities hosted 11 of 12 operating Centers strategically located throughout the country. All Centers assisted 959 clients, helped businesses create and retain more than 2,500 jobs, and helped generate sales of $2.4 million (USD).
  • The Centros MIPYMES network’s initial operating budget doubled from $1.1 million (USD) in 2015 to $2.5 million (USD) in 2017, including both national government funding and matching funds contributed from local and higher-education partners.
  • In 2018 MICM plans to launch 10 additional Centros MIPYMES, three of which will become Specialty Centers.