The Ministry of Economy (MINECO) is leading the SBDC project in Guatemala. The initial consultation event "Knowing the SBDC Model and exploring the possibility of its transfer to Guatemala" that took place in September of 2012 created awareness about the model among key stakeholders representing the public, private and academic sector who considered that the SBDCs could be adapted and adopted to the Guatemalan reality.

As a result of the consultation UTSA, in collaboration with MINECO and other project partners, conducted the Certificate Training for Future SBDC Counselors and Directors that transferred the SBDC methodology and prepared professionals to manage and operate an economic impact producing SBDC.

The Guatemalan government adapted the model and launched 6 SBDC pilot centers on October 24th, 2013; 4 centers are located at universities, one is hosted by an association and one by a national network of managers. Guatemala has adopted the Client Activity Tracking System (CATS) that tracks activities, monitors performance and measures results.