In 2013, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) launched the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) initiative in partnership with the Peruvian Ministry of Production with the funding of the US Department of State, and the support of the Higher Education for Development (HED) agency under the Pathway of Prosperity Initiative.

The goal of the initiative was to transfer, adapt and implement the SBDC Model in Peru with the purpose of creating and expanding the growth of small businesses.

Currently, there are 36 centers for enterprise development operating across the country. These centers provide free advising and training services to start and expand a business with the goal of promoting the formalization, productivity, competiveness and sustainable growth of the small and medium size business sector of Peru.

The following link contains the contact information for the 36 centers for enterprise development operating across the country:

UTSA continues to work closely with the Ministry of Production to implement the SBDC model across their network of centers with the ultimate goal of promoting trade and opportunities between the small businesses of Peru and the Small Business Network of the Americas.