Why Work With UTSA


The UTSA Institute for Economic Development

For 40 years, The University of Texas at San Antonio Institute for Economic Development (UTSA IED) has delivered exemplary economic and small business development services to the State of Texas. As a key part of the UTSA IED, the Texas South-West Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network operates 10 SBDCs and four specialty SBDCs for exporting, government contracting, technology commercialization, and the SBDCNet National Information Clearinghouse. It is consistently a top performing U.S. SBDC network and has significant hands-on experience in successfully funding, operating, administering, and growing a leading SBDC network.


The UTSA Center for Global Development Qualifications

The UTSA Center for Global Development is part of the UTSA IED and is the world’s foremost expert in helping countries adopt and adapt the SBDC model. It has proven and unparalleled experience in providing the hands-on technical assistance that creates successful and sustainable SBDC networks. Furthermore, it has developed a proprietary Five-Phase Approach to National SBDC Network Development that includes over 250 different action items that countries must complete if they want to successfully adopt the SBDC methodology.

Since 2000, the UTSA Center for Global Development has guided and assisted every SBDC network operating outside the U.S. and has been the primary technical assistance provider for the Global Small Business Network. This experience, in combination with 30+ years of knowledge in operating a world-class SBDC network, allows the UTSA Center for Global Development to offer valuable assistance for countries adopting the SBDC model.

By receiving experienced technical assistance, countries will be able to:

  • Better structure, fund, launch, and administer a sustainable SBDC network.
  • Create top performing Centers that exceed goals.
  • Develop a culture of measurement and high-performance.
  • Generate ever-increasing amounts of economic impact.
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.
  • Skillfully measure and analyze SBDC network data.